SaltStack Enterprise
Speed + Scale + Flexibility + Simplicity

SaltStack is systems and configuration management software used to automate any infrastructure, cloud or DevOps function

SaltStack fundamentally improves the way enterprise IT organizations and DevOps teams configure and manage all aspects of a modern data center infrastructure. SaltStack provides a completely different approach to legacy alternatives not built for the speed and scale of the cloud. The largest enterprise IT and Web-scale organizations in the world use SaltStack to orchestrate and control any cloud while providing automation for the DevOps toolchain. SaltStack is built on an extremely fast, scalable and powerful remote execution platform for efficient control of distributed infrastructure, code and data.

SaltStack Enterprise Overview

A business case for SaltStack Enterprise

SaltStack Enterprise is proven, built and packaged for the unique requirements of the enterprise. SaltStack streamlines the deployment and implementation process providing subscribed customers with the fastest implementations and lowest cost of ownership. SaltStack Enterprise is a long-term supported branch of Salt based on 100% open source code and backed by the largest, most-active community of systems and configuration management developers in the world.

For enterprise customers with substantial investments in proprietary technologies, SaltStack Enterprise provides dozens of integrations with both proprietary software and open platforms. Enterprise customers also receive exclusive input into the SaltStack development roadmap for specific requirements.

SaltStack Enterprise
Subscription type: Node-based subscription depending on environment and infrastructure
Annual subscription price: Contact us
Typical customers and use cases: Big data center operations / DevOps toolchain / Enterprise cloud builders / Web and app development / Machine orchestration for any cloud
Support: Exclusive access to SaltStack expertise and prioritized support for SaltStack Enterprise subscription customers
Consulting services: Exclusive access to SaltStack consulting services for SaltStack Enterprise subscription customers
Training: Remote and in-person training options included with SaltStack Enterprise subscription

SaltStack Enterprise Functionality

SaltStack Infrastructure Automation and Cloud Orchestration

  • Push and pull remote execution
  • Overstate for data center workflow and task orchestration
  • Application provisioning and continuous deployment
  • Hybrid cloud provisioning and management
  • Parallel management

SaltStack Configuration Management

  • Set-and-forget configuration management
  • Centralized data-model configurations
  • Application self healing
  • Data center logic and notification system
  • Real-time configuration data monitor and audit

SaltStack Enterprise Benefits

SaltStack Speed

  • Built for real-time system automation
  • Remote execution in seconds not minutes, or hours
  • Continuous code deployment
  • Instantaneous configuration data monitoring
  • Real-time data, automation and parallel management
  • The fastest system provisioning
  • No third-party dependencies

SaltStack Scale

  • Built for massive infrastructures
  • Proven in the largest enterprise data centers
  • Boundless for any cloud
  • Used for home networks to the world’s largest data centers, and everything in between
  • Agentless via SSH for lightweight implementations, or traditional Salt master/minion architecture for ultimate speed and scale

SaltStack Flexibility

  • Flexible architecture meets the unique needs of diverse use cases
  • Agent or agentless architecture
  • Imperative or declarative configuration management
  • The largest and most diverse, active community
  • Beyond configuration management
  • IT process orchestration, runbook automation and task flow
  • Heterogeneous support for any cloud, infrastructure or software platform
  • Remote administration
  • Programming skills not required, SaltStack is language agnostic

SaltStack Consistency and Simplicity

  • Lowest administrative and operational costs
  • A single, self-contained platform
  • No programming required
  • The most efficient configuration management system available
  • No proprietary administration requirements, coding or languages
  • One user interface and command line
  • Single, common user experience
  • The easiest implementation and administration