The first-ever SaltStack Certified Engineers announced at SaltConf

During this morning's SaltConf keynote we were proud to announce the first-ever SaltStack Certified Engineers.

Yesterday during the SaltConf pre-conference training we made the SSCE exam available for the first time. It consisted of 80 randomized questions that needed to be answered in 60 minutes. Early results indicate the exam was not easy.

This list of SSCEs is based on the first exams to be completed with passing scores:

  1. Mike Martin - Rackspace
  2. Jason Denning - FlightStats
  3. Anita Krueger - StepOne
  4. Drew Malone - PCI-SM
  5. William Platnick:
  6. Bruce Stringer: Rackspace
  7. Corey Quinn: Taos
  8. Bill Fehring: Zscaler
  9. Richard Woudenberg: Xebia

Congratulations and well done.