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Infrastructure automation

Provision, configure and control any cloud or on-premises infrastructure at scale

Security automation

Find and fix vulnerabilities and enforce continuous compliance

Network automation

Audit, configure and secure your entire network from a unified platform

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Digital business is complex. Humans alone can’t keep it optimized, reliable and secure.

Let’s automate IT.

Intelligent automation for all the things

Take control of IT reliability and security.

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Why SaltStack?


    “The best orchestration, configuration, do-everything platform…period. SaltStack is the easiest to work with and is incredibly useful during remediation of widespread infrastructure issues.”


    “We use SaltStack to control and secure more than 150,000 nodes and auto-remediate 2,500 site reliability engineering tasks everyday.”


    “SaltStack is the best choice because it’s proactive and it creates self-healing systems. That was the biggest difference between SaltStack and the other guys.”


    “We use SaltStack to enforce CIS compliance through automated, orchestrated, and audited patching and configuration across our Windows and Linux infrastructure.”


    “Whether I’m fixing one issue or 159, it takes two minutes because SaltStack fixes them all at once.”


    “SaltStack saved us more than $1 million annually through increased efficiency, reduced manual labor, and consolidation of redundant tools.”

Vulnerability scanning AND remediation. Finally together in a single platform.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

“SaltStack forms the basis of a comprehensive audit, remote execution, configuration management, patch, and baseline enforcement suite for the IBM Cloud network. This has replaced several disparate legacy tools with a single command and control layer that allows us to automatically roll out new security policies and quickly react to any new security threats. Problem scoping, mitigation, and audit is done in hours rather than weeks across our network.”


IBM Cloud Network Executive

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“SaltStack gives our security and site reliability teams the ability to efficiently tackle the difficult task of achieving continuous infrastructure compliance across 55 world-class data centers. SaltStack compliance scanning and automated remediation will help Cyxtera certification processes and ultimately deliver powerful, secure IT infrastructure to our demanding customers.”


Director of Site Reliability Engineering

Case Study

“On average, within about two minutes SaltStack was able to see there was an issue, determine how to fix the issue… and then push that remediation back up to the Juniper firewalls. Whether I’m fixing one issue or 159, it’s two minutes because SaltStack fixes them all at once.”


Principal Network Security Engineer

Case Study

“SaltStack helps us normalize control of AWS across teams. Through automated infrastructure security and management, our developers can focus on bringing revenue-generating products to market, instead of infrastructure maintenance.”


Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Case Study

“The new integration with SaltStack Protect drives notable efficiency into our patch management and vulnerability remediation workflows. The elimination of spreadsheets and PDFs alone from our vulnerability management communications is such a big win for our security operations team. SaltStack Protect is unique in its ability to automate infrastructure security.”


IT Architect

Case Study

What is your IT priority? SaltStack can help.

  • Hybrid cloud management

    Natively manage and secure more than two dozen public and private cloud providers from a single, integrated platform.

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  • Vulnerability remediation

    Find and fix vulnerabilities faster with native CVE scanning, integrated vulnerability assessment, and automated remediation.

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  • Network device automation

    Proactively secure and maintain your entire network fabric with configuration automation. Eliminate downtime and risk.

    Learn more
  • Configuration automation

    Harness event-driven infrastructure automation to keep systems properly configured. Increase reliability and optimize resource utilization.

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  • Continuous compliance

    Automate security policy checks and fix discovered issues using both custom and CIS-certified content to enforce infrastructure compliance.

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