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Continuous compliance and IT security... automated at scale.

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Exercise complete authority over any system—on-prem, in the cloud, and across the network—with event-driven IT orchestration and automation.

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Use next-gen automation to amplify the impact of your entire IT team. Drive efficiency and deliver business value at scale.

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SaltStack Enterprise provides devops engineers and IT operators with event-driven automation and orchestration for natively integrated configuration management, infrastructure security and compliance, and control over clouds and containers.

- Infoworld "Why Use SaltStack for Automation and Orchestration"


Escape compliance hell. Enforce security policy across your hybrid infrastructure, then use SaltStack event-driven automation for SecOps to keep it secure.

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Intelligently orchestrate DevOps workflows to accelerate digital innovation. Give your dev and ops teams a collaborative automation platform to deliver new ideas to market faster.

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