AWS Integration Overview

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Automate control of AWS with SaltStack

Thousands of companies use SaltStack® intelligent automation to manage, secure, and optimize AWS and hybrid cloud infrastructure. SaltStack provides configuration and SecOps control for AWS products and resources that run on AWS. SaltStack is the only platform that uses event-driven automation to orchestrate management and security tasks across public cloud, on-prem, network, and more.

“SaltStack helps us normalize control of AWS services across our DevOps teams. Through automated infrastructure security and management, our developers can focus on bringing revenue-generating products to market, instead of spending precious cycles on infrastructure maintenance.”

Ben Gridley, Kuali lead site reliability engineer Watch Kuali at SaltConf19

Get SaltStack in the AWS Marketplace

SaltStack Enterprise and SaltStack SecOps products run in AWS and are conveniently available from the AWS Marketplace so you can try our products for free, or license them annually or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Subscribe to SaltStack products hosted on a pre-configured Amazon Machine Image for the most convenient and automated hybrid cloud management and security operations.

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One platform to manage and secure it all

SaltStack automation provides a single point of control for hybrid cloud by abstracting the management of each unique infrastructure component and replaces it with the integrated SaltStack event-driven automation platform. The result is a central nervous system for IT that can deliver the full benefits of hybrid cloud at scale, without the cost and the headache of siloed control.

“Traditionally, as you increase the assets, the number of IT staff also has to increase. SaltStack with its use of automation, breaks this link enabling scale to be achieved with fewer IT staff than using traditional methods.”

Ovum Research

Automate smarter and save money

SaltStack infrastructure automation can detect changes to resource utilization and auto-scale cloud environments to help you meet demand and radically improve hybrid cloud cost efficiency.

Share and secure

SaltStack infrastructure automation can be used to provide just the right amount of access and control to AWS services and hybrid cloud infrastructure for large, distributed teams. DevOps, SecOps, SRE, and IT operations teams get the cloud control they need through SaltStack Enterprise in an intuitive, RBAC-enabled console.

Infrastructure compliance and vulnerability remediation for hybrid cloud

SaltStack SecOps products allow IT and security teams to enforce continuous compliance and automate vulnerability remediation for resources running in AWS or any hybrid cloud infrastructure. And once your systems are compliant, SaltStack event-driven automation will make sure they stay that way.

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