SaltStack SecOps 6.1 (vulnerability remediation) beta program application

SaltStack SecOps 6.1 (vulnerability remediation) beta program application

Thank you for your interest in the SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta which includes new vulnerability remediation features. SaltStack SecOps 6.1 utilizes the power of SaltStack intelligent automation for IT operations and SecOps to help the digital enterprise achieve continual compliance and infrastructure security at scale.

While we won't be able to provide access to all applicants we are eager to get SaltStack SecOps 6.1 in the hands of IT and security organizations willing test the beta, provide feedback, and help us deliver an awesome product.

Before we can provide access to the SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta, please read and agree to the terms of this SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta agreement and fill out the form on this page to sign electronically. Here are a few SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta program rules of engagement.

SaltStack will provide:

  • No-cost access to SaltStack SecOps 6.1 (vulnerability remediation) beta software.
  • Getting-started documentation.
  • Remote implementation and getting-started support via phone if needed.

Beta program participants agree to:

  • Electronically sign the SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta license agreement by filling out the form on this page.
  • Be familiar with SaltStack software specifically, or systems management software generally.
  • NOT install SaltStack SecOps 6.1 to a production environment.
  • Install and test SaltStack SecOps 6.1 as soon as possible.
  • Provide feedback on SaltStack SecOps 6.1
  • Apply SaltStack SecOps 6.1 beta software updates in a timely manner.
  • Provide public-facing validation of SaltStack SecOps to be used in support of the marketing launch. This may include the use of your name or your company's name or logo, a quote, or a case study. SaltStack will not attribute any validation to you or your company without first obtaining approval.
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