Salt Air 27 - SaltStack event-driven automation

Watch this episode of Salt Air to learn more about the architecture behind the Salt high-speed communication bus for event-driven automation.

A History of Unicorns on the Silicon Slopes

Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO, provides a perspective on the growth of tech in Utah and the systems management software powering it all. Learn about the old and new unicorns walking the Silicon Slopes.

Salt Air 26 - Use Salt Proxy Minion for Network Automation

Watch this episode of Salt Air to learn how the SaltStack event-driven approach to network automation using Salt Proxy Minion can help your team manage and secure your network fabric.


Marc welcomes Tom back to Salt Air, the SaltStack podcast and vlog series that addresses all things intelligent IT automation.

Salt Air 25 - An Overview of Salt Architecture

Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO, explains the architecture of Salt and why SaltStack intelligent IT automation is different than other configuration or systems management tools.

SaltStack and Cisco deliver network security and configuration automation at massive scale

SaltStack and Cisco deliver security and configuration automation for networks at massive scale

SaltStack Appoints Heather Zynczak to Board of Directors

SaltStack®️, the creators of intelligent automation for IT and security operations teams, today announced the appointment of Heather Zynczak, Pluralsight CMO, to the SaltStack board of directors.

Forrester Tackles Challenge of Defining and Evaluating "Configuration Management"

What is configuration management? Forrester boldly answers this question while evaluating the notable configuration management software vendors in the market. Learn why SaltStack is more than just configuration management.

New SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 Release Delivers Intelligent IT Automation for Hybrid Infrastructure Operations

New SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 release delivers intelligent IT automation for hybrid infrastructure operations. SaltStack Enterprise release helps IT teams control, optimize, and secure complex digital infrastructure at scale.

SaltStack Delivers Solutions for IT Operations Challenges

Enterprise data centers are changing dramatically. As companies strive to deliver the promise of digital business, monolithic applications are giving way to microservices, slow development practices are becoming fast and agile, and centralized, on-prem environments are evolving into hybrid, distributed ...