““SaltStack Enterprise gives sys admins the ability to create automation routines then make them available as a push-button job in the console to those authorized in the NOC and support desk.”
-Stephan Looney
IT Director for Sterling Talent Solutions

Sterling Talent Solutions (IT operations) is an industry-leading background investigation service for employers and organizations worldwide. With 20 offices in nine countries, the Sterling team of more than 3,500 employees serves 50,000 customers around the world, including a quarter of the Fortune 100.

Sterling is known for its speed, accuracy, compliance, technology, integrations, and service—none of which is possible without a modern, agile infrastructure and application environment.

Stephan Looney, Sterling Talent Solutions IT operations director, and the talented team of Sterling IT and security operators understand that maintaining a competitive advantage through technology requires substantial automation and an evolved DevOps approach to service delivery.

To help automate the work of IT, and the Sterling Talent Solutions business, Stephan had to find tools fit to automate the job at hand across about 1000 systems. He was first introduced to SaltStack at a previous job when tasked with finding a replacement for BMC Bladelogic. They needed something scalable and pluggable that had accessible and reliable cross-platform support for hybrid operating systems and clouds.

They found that SaltStack met all their needs and when compared to Bladelogic

They found that SaltStack met all their needs and when compared to Bladelogic, SaltStack required about one tenth the amount of time to implement and about one tenth of the cost to license and support.

Read or watch this SaltStack customer case study and learn how the ITOps and SecOps teams at Sterling Talent Solutions use SaltStack event-driven automation to improve security while reducing the cost of IT management: