Legacy Systems Management Software

Legacy systems management software from companies like BMC, HP, CA or IBM often took weeks or months to implement. Install SaltStack Enterprise in less than five minutes and get a systems management platform built to intelligently orchestrate and automate digital infrastructure at scale. Watch Glazier Ward of SaltStack install SaltStack Enterprise legacy systems management in less than five minutes on this six-minute Salt Air episode.

“Welcome to another episode of Salt Air! My name is Tom Hatch and creator of Salt and the CTO of SaltStack. With me I have the Glazier Ward he’s our director of QA and he’s going to walk us through installing SaltStack Enterprise the new 5.5 release, so that we can see how simple and straightforward it is pleasure what can you tell us about this new install?” – Thomas Hatch

“This install is made to be dead simple you can run everything on one system. Everything you need is included in the package. This install was also made to be air-gap, so if your network does not have access to the internet everything is included in the package here.” – Glazier

“Fantastic let’s let’s take a look at how it’s done” – Thomas Hatch

“Alright so for enterprise customers you’ll go download the the the tar ball the compressed installer package. Once you get it down on your system extract it, and after you extract it you’ll there’ll be an SSE underscore installer folder. In that installer folder there will be a script called the setup single node SH. All you have to do is run that script and what that script will do is it will again will install everything. If Salt is not on your system, that’s fine, it will install so master and Salt minion for you. If you already have a Salt master and minion it will skip that point and just go right to the enterprise install. Now the pieces of the enterprise install you’ll get the Redis 4 installed you’ll get Postgres 9.6 you’ll get obviously the SaltStack Enterprise pieces. You’ll get a salt master plugin which is the piece you put on the salt master which enables it to talk to the to the SaltStack Enterprise. Those are all that is included and that’s all part of the enterprise installer.” – Glazier Ward

“And so all of these things are being installed as RPN’s right so they’re still tractable on your system. We’re not doing anything dirty.” – Thomas Hatch

“Once you run that that simple shell script it just takes literally just minutes to get everything…” – Glazier Ward

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