“SaltStack gives us the ability to centrally manage all of our devices and programmatically configure them. Now we can get out of the business of having network engineers log in to devices individually to make changes and possibly make mistakes that are damaging to our customer experience.”
-Greg Fraize
Principal Network Security Engineer at Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual Insurance network security team uses SaltStack intelligent automation to create self-healing Juniper firewalls and orchestrate remediation of security events generated by Splunk.

SaltStack automation helped the LMI team: self-healing juniper firewalls

  • Eliminate 1,000+ hours of human labor spent on repetitive, low-value tasks.
  • Improve security through higher password management accuracy.
  • Reduce MTTR by 90% with self-healing automation.

For their first SaltStack project, The LMI network security team decided to use SaltStack event-driven detection and automation to auto-resolve firewall issues and maintain predefined security policies for more than 150 Junos configuration options. According to Greg Fraize, Principal Network Security Engineer at Liberty Mutual, “On average, within about two minutes SaltStack was able to see there was an issue, determine how to fix the issue… and then push that remediation back up to the Juniper firewalls. Whether I’m fixing one issue or 159, it’s two minutes because SaltStack fixes them all at once.”