New SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 Release Delivers Intelligent IT Automation for Hybrid Infrastructure Operations

New SaltStack release helps IT teams control, optimize, and secure complex digital infrastructure at scale

Salt Lake City – Nov. 6, 2018 – SaltStack®️, the creators of intelligent automation for IT and security operations teams, today announced the release of SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 with new features to provide universal control of hybrid IT environments at scale. SaltStack Enterprise software reduces the burden of system maintenance while giving IT teams the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives like data security and digital business innovation.

Alex Peay, SaltStack VP of product, said, “Humans alone can’t keep up with the rate of change and growing complexity inherent to today’s digital business infrastructure. Effective IT operations at scale requires automation, but not all automation is created equal. SaltStack intelligent IT automation takes a unique, event-driven approach to controlling, optimizing, and securing modern infrastructure. The SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 release gives IT teams the ability to collaborate effectively while distributing workloads appropriately.”

Attend the SaltStack webinar titled, “Control Digital Complexity at Scale with Intelligent IT Automation” to learn more.

SaltStack provides solutions for IT operations teams by automating tasks such as:

  • System deployment and provisioning.
  • Ongoing maintenance of configuration drift.
  • Packaged jobs for night operations and service desk technicians.
  • Hybrid cloud control and optimization.

SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 includes new features built to make every member of the IT operations team more efficient:

  • Job Center: Insight and control into every SaltStack job—scheduled, in progress, or completed.
  • Job Scheduler: Orchestrate SaltStack jobs to run automatically through an action-oriented interface. Define and schedule jobs proactively. Spend less time babysitting ad-hoc tasks and more time on high-impact initiatives like reliability and security.
  • Agentless Windows control: The fastest and most-scalable agentless systems management product now controls Windows too. Use SaltStack with an agent, without an agent, or both.
  • Much more: A simplified installer; Redis integration; API enhancements; Increased performance and stability.

About SaltStack

SaltStack intelligent IT automation software is used to help the largest businesses in the world manage and secure digital business infrastructure. Known for its event-driven IT automation power and ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of managed nodes, SaltStack helps customers achieve more efficient DevOps, and IT and security operations. For more information, please visit