SaltStack Enterprise software 5.5 includes powerful new features for universal control of hybrid IT environments at scale

SaltStack Enterprise software reduces the burden of system maintenance while giving IT teams the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives like infrastructure security and digital innovation. Watch this episode of Salt Air to learn how SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 includes new features built to make every member of the IT operations team more efficient, including:

– Job Center: Insight and control into every SaltStack job—scheduled, in progress, or completed.

– Job Scheduler: Orchestrate SaltStack jobs to run automatically through an action-oriented interface. Define and schedule jobs proactively. Spend less time babysitting ad-hoc tasks and more time on high-impact initiatives like reliability and security.

– Agentless Windows control: The fastest and most-scalable agentless systems management product now controls Windows too. Use SaltStack with an agent, without an agent, or both.

– Much more: A simplified installer; Redis integration; API enhancements; Increased performance and stability.

“Hi, welcome to another episode of Salt Air. My name is Tom Hatch, the creator of Salt and CTO of SaltStack. With me I have Alex Peay SaltStacks vice-president of product. Alex has been working hard on getting the 5.5 release of SaltStack Enterprise out the door. I’ve brought him on today to talk about some of the features and some of the wonderful things that we’ve got in this exciting new release. It’s easily the most feature packed and the most stable and scandal release of enterprise that we’ve ever put out, so what can you tell us about this Alex?” – Thomas Hatch

“Thanks Tom. So as Tom mentioned, this is a very feature-rich release for us. There are a number of things that we’re very proud and very excited to get into our customers hands. It starts with just simplifying the installation experience. We’ve gone from having that be a somewhat onerous experienced, one that can literally be set up in a matter of minutes by almost anybody, by following a few simple rules, a simple document, and filling out a configuration file. With the customer having already implemented this, we’ve had them comeback and tell us that they’ve reported the installation taking a fraction of what had been taken before. Once you’ve got the product installed, you will now see new features and functions within SaltStack Enterprise. Most important of which are the job center and its job schedule functionality. The job scheduler allows you to go in and schedule any job that you need to run any time in the future. We provide the flexibility that you’re used to used to at SaltStack by giving you the ability to schedule for a specific time, recurring schedule, and if none of these options work for you you can set a cron tab or a cron job, it allows you to go in and run this job in any specific cron to find time. Of course once you start to schedule these it’s very important that you’re able to see exactly when something’s gonna run, what is currently running, and what may have completed. We’ve got a job center that tracks all this activity, giving you a very simple graphical user interface to come in and understand exactly what phase any particular job is running in. You can also filter down and understand who ran the job how long may have taken and which minions it was running as they filter out targeting, filter on jobs, and filter on any number of attributes so you know exactly what’s taking place. A couple of other key features that we also built into this particular release are…” – Alex Peay

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