Dear Community,

Today we announced that we’ve signed an agreement to be acquired by VMware. This is a significant milestone for SaltStack and our community. 

Together, we started this journey over 9 years ago. During that time, we pioneered new approaches to infrastructure automation and grew the Salt project to one of the most popular and influential in our space. Our user community has residence in every corner of the globe and collaboratively, we’ve delivered 120,000+ commits by 3000+ talented contributors.

Our momentum continues—Year to date, we have seen 17M+ downloads and more than 260 new contributors join our project. But that is just the start. Joining forces with VMware and the communities they champion will offer access to a growing technology ecosystem, talent and teaming that will drive the Salt project into the future. This moment will offer years of opportunity and innovation for our community.

While closing the acquisition will take some weeks, we look forward to answering your questions and sharing details as they become available. We will be available to facilitate dialogue and gather any questions, feedback, or concerns so we can respond promptly to you and the broader community. 

If you haven’t already, please join us in the #Salt-Acquisition-Talk slack channel. While we have active chats in all our mainstream channels, we don’t want these conversations to disrupt the important work of the community, hence the special channel. 

We will also hold a special session and dedicate our weekly Open Hour call this week (Thursday, October 1st 11am MT) to share insights on the acquisition and answer questions from the community. Please look for details on joining the Open Hour on our slack #Salt-Acquisition-Talk, slack #irc and slack #announcements channel. Finally, Please join us for SaltConf20 Virtual on October 29th to learn more.

Congratulations to everyone in the community. We look forward to the ongoing and continued collaboration to build the world best infrastructure automation platform.


Your Salt Open Core Team