The much-anticipated SaltStack Enterprise 4.0 release is coming soon. This is the release that includes the SaltStack Enterprise graphical user interface plus much other Salty goodness. If you weren’t able to see the new release at SaltConf15, we are now providing an opportunity to get a sneak peek and kick the tires.

First, here is what you can expect from SaltStack Enterprise 4.0:

  • A graphical user interface with:
    • High-level dashboards expose enterprise infrastructure and granular, system-level data;
    • User-based control of SaltStack job libraries, history and a job scheduler;
    • Reusable and sharable public, private and custom target groups;
    • Event bus viewer for real-time monitoring of system data.
    • Multi-master control;
    • Integration with ServiceNow;
    • New and improved documentation specific to SaltStack Enterprise 4.0.
    • All the features and benefits of the Salt 2015.5 release, including:
      • SaltStack Beacons for event-based infrastructure monitoring and autonomic control;
      • SaltStack Engines with pre-built orchestration routines for complex infrastructure and application environment automation;
      • More orchestration of application containers including LXC and Docker;
      • Consume SaltStack in Slack with new state and execution modules;
      • Enhanced Active Directory support and a new Windows installer;
      • Substantial bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

In advance of the SaltStack Enterprise release we are launching an early-adopter program to get four point zero in the hands of our customers and users as soon as possible. If you are interested in participating in the early-adopter program, or would like to request more information about SaltStack Enterprise 4.0, please apply here for access. Help us continue to build the best systems management platform for modern infrastructure.