SaltStack integrations

SaltStack software manages heterogeneous computing environments, orchestrates any cloud and automates deployment of just about any infrastructure and application stack used to create modern cloud, enterprise IT and Web-scale.

The global SaltStack community of more than 2200 developer contributors keeps SaltStack support for any cloud, virtual or physical environment, or application stack up to date and in line with market demands. While SaltStack was originally designed for data center automation, it also supports Windows and Macintosh operating systems in addition to all significant Linux and UNIX distributions. SaltStack is also cloud agnostic which matches the reality of most modern data center and compute infrastructures.

Integrating SaltStack into any environment is simple, straightforward and already pervasive, and additional integration into proprietary systems and environments is expanding rapidly as we work closely with technology partners and SaltStack Enterprise customers to further support unique environments and requirements.

Any cloud integration

SaltStack is used to orchestrate compute resources running in just about any public cloud. SaltStack can also be used to build private clouds and automate virtual server environments.


Software integrations

SaltStack helps manage and deploy Linux, UNIX, Windows and
Mac OS X operating systems, while providing the most
configuration management, continuous code deployment and integration, and
remote execution capabilities for any application stack.