Kenna Security Integration Overview

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Risk-based vulnerability prioritization meets full-scale, automated remediation

Prioritize vulnerabilities and fix them, fast

Security scanners can report avalanches of vulnerabilities that operations teams must translate into IT tickets, investigate, prioritize, test, fix, and then report back to security.

Kenna Security uses powerful risk-based prioritization to help security and IT teams focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most. SaltStack closes the IT security loop by ingesting infrastructure vulnerability reports from Kenna and fixing them with powerful, out-of-the-box IT automation.

Automated remediation integrated with your favorite scanner

In addition to natively scanning for thousands of CVEs, SaltStack Protect can also import vulnerability assessments from Qualys, Tenable, and Rapid7. Now the security team can scan for and prioritize vulnerabilities with existing tools and easily pass to SaltStack for fast, automated remediation.

One platform to manage and secure IT

SaltStack is built to control and optimize IT infrastructure—whether it’s in the cloud, on-prem or at the edge. The SecOps suite from SaltStack leverages all the power of the SaltStack automation platform to enforce continuous compliance and security across your infrastructure.

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