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Salt is the world’s fastest, most intelligent and scalable automation engine. Built on python, Salt uses simple and human-readable YAML combined with event-driven automation to deploy and configure complex IT systems. In addition to powering SaltStack’s powerful enterprise product suite, Salt can be found under the hood of products from Juniper, Cisco, Cloudflare, Nutanix, SUSE, and Tieto, to name a few.

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Additional open source projects maintained by SaltStack

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POP (Plugin-Oriented Programming) is a radically simple and efficient new way to build pluggable applications. Software today has evolved into an incredibly distributed affair, with globally-distributed teams, often even from different companies, with innumerable goals and objectives. The POP system is an effort to help teams collaborate and interface while still enabling large scale development by allowing software to be built in pieces that are 100% pluggable with each other.

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Heist is a cutting-edge way to enact change on a system without requiring a traditional agent. While agent-based solutions have many inherent advantages, they also introduce additional complexity. Agentless alternatives offer simplicity and ease of use, but fall down when put to any serious test of scale or complexity.

Heist solves this challenge through the use of “dissolving agents”. Heist allows teams to open an SSH tunnel, send a portable agent to a target system and when the agent is done,  all trace of it, including the tunnel… disappears.

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Too often, AI and machine learning decisions are made in the darkness of a program where the developer can’t see. Umbra, which means “the darkest part of a shadow” exists to get your data through that darkness.

Umbra uses a plugin system to attach to data streams, then it prepares that data for machine learning and then, finally, to attach to an outbound data stream. All of it is possible because Umbra is a POP project and pluggable with any other program.

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Idem is an idempotent dataflow programming language. It exposes stateful programming constructs that makes things like enforcing the state of an application, configuration, SaaS system, or others very simple.

Since Idem is a programming language, it can also be used for data processing and pipelining. Idem can be used not only to manage the configuration of interfaces, but also for complex rule engines and processing files or workflows.

Idem is unique in that it is built purely as a language. It can be added to any type of management system and easily applied in a cross-platform way.

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