The Power of Partnership

Are you a SaltStack customer trying to find a partner to work with? Or maybe a company looking to explore and join the SaltSack partner ecosystem? If the answer is yes to any of these – you’ve come to the right place!

Tailored Solutions

SaltStack partners play an important role by extending and enriching our world-class products to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to your business. As a trusted advisor, our partners provide a unique blend of expertise and service to help transform your digital infrastructure today and in the future.

Locally Supported

Working with a local company in your region who speaks your language, is embedded in your culture and can easily navigate local regulations will provide you more intimate service.

Customer-centric Program

SaltStack rewards and incentivizes its partners in areas that you care about like customer satisfaction, quality and skill level. We care more about building long-term relationships than simply closing deals!

What Our Partners Do

SaltStack partners work with you to solve real-world business problems and they will help you develop the most efficient and secure IT infrastructure through our world-class, event-driven automation solutions.

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