Powerful automation and orchestration for the entire IT team.

  • Natively manages any IT platform or operating system.

  • Automatically detects vulnerable, misconfigured systems and corrects them.

  • Scales to manage the world’s largest, most-complex IT environments.

  • Gives your entire IT team the power of SaltStack intelligent automation.

“Before SaltStack Enterprise, our patch weekends took 30 consecutive hours and involved over 24 individual resources. With the help of SaltStack automation we’ve been able to get than down to less than 15 hours spread over two days and only involve five individual resources.”

James Watson, System Operations Engineer, NICE Nexidia Read the case study
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Build and manage IT systems

Get your digital business infrastructure up and running faster. Use SaltStack intelligent IT automation to easily provision, deploy, and configure any infrastructure—physical and virtual servers, public and private clouds, containers, even network devices—with the push of a button.

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Create self-healing infrastructure

Keep critical systems properly configured to increase reliability and optimize resource utilization. SaltStack event-driven IT automation is unique in its ability to immediately detect events triggered by system configuration drift, multiple integrations, or pre-defined infrastructure policies and enforce desired state.


Control software-defined networks

Networks are constantly growing—in size and complexity. SaltStack automates and abstracts command and control of each unique network device and component in a network, allowing network operations teams to update and secure networks quickly and at massive scale.

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Deliver continuous compliance

SaltStack SecOps delivers closed-loop automation for continuous compliance and IT security. Now security and IT operations teams can work together to define a compliance policy, scan all systems against it, detect issues, and actively remediate them—all from a single platform.

Granular targeting, global control

Target diverse types of systems with hundreds of different attributes—including IP address, OS version, BIOS version, and custom targets—to create persistent target groups or execute remote commands at scale.

Intelligent automation for the entire team

Give your command-line power users, NOC technicians, and security architects each the ability to harness SaltStack automation in scope. Robust role-based access controls allow you to create permissions based on role or common use cases, such as key acceptance or provisioning of new infrastructure.

Orchestrate and automate the work of IT

SaltStack includes intelligent orchestration capabilities to manage both IT workflows and the automation of the work itself. For example, SaltStack can detect a system vulnerability, create a ticket in ServiceNow, and then notify an SRE via Slack. Then, when the team is ready, SaltStack can perform multi-step automation to patch the vulnerable systems.

Speed, scale, and flexibility

SaltStack is built on a lightning-fast event bus that delivers superior performance, even at massive scale. Take control of everything in your environment—servers, public and private clouds, containers, even network and IoT devices—with flexible agent-based, agentless, and API management options.

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What’s included in SaltStack Enterprise

Salt Automation Engine

  • Event-driven 
  • Cloud provisioning and control
  • Remote execution
  • Orchestration
  • Multi-OS support
  • Multi-system 
  • Configuration 
  • Agent, agentless 
(SSH), or 
proxy agent

Operations Framework

  • Multi-master scale
  • API endpoints
  • Persistent data storage
  • LDAP/AD integration
  • Failover protection
  • Job history
  • User history
  • Third-party integrations
  • Agentless Windows
  • Enterprise proxy

Command & 
Control Console

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Role-based access controls
  • Bulk job orchestration
  • Job scheduler
  • Audit-ready charts and reports

SecOps (add on)

  • Live access to curated security profile library
  • Item-level policy checks

  • Auto-remediation for continuous compliance
Encrypted data record
CIS-certified benchmarks for dozens of policies.

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