Consulting Services

Optimize your SaltStack implementation

SaltStack consulting and education services are built to help customers realize the value of their SaltStack investment as quickly as possible. By leveraging a brain trust of SaltStack product and industry experts, customers are able to deploy SaltStack into their environment faster and more efficiently. Through training, knowledge transfer, and a coaching-style consulting approach, customers ramp quickly and get the most out of SaltStack to effectively solve infrastructure operations and security challenges.

The SaltStack professional services team is a group of highly trained, certified, and proven SaltStack experts with decades of systems management, infrastructure automation, and security experience.

SaltStack professional services packages are designed to support the services most frequently requested from our customers and utilize a hands-on “coaching” approach to provide valuable knowledge transfer throughout the engagement. Our experts will work directly with your engineers and administrators to build the finest solution and to enable your engineers for the ongoing management of your SaltStack environment through shoulder-to-shoulder coaching and engagement, and continual knowledge transfer.

SaltStack offers expert consulting services to SaltStack customers via getting-started, workshop, or custom consulting packages defined below. Whether an on-site or virtual training session, or a customized professional services engagement with a SaltStack Certified Engineer, we’ll help you optimize SaltStack to meet the needs of your digital infrastructure.

SaltStack Getting-Started Packages

For teams new to SaltStack, getting-started packages ensure customers are on the right path and “Salting” their environment in the most effective manner.


  • SaltStack Enterprise deployment and basic use case review
  • 24 consulting hours (remote)
  • 2 vILT training seats
  • Typical customer environment: 200-400 managed nodes


  • SaltStack Enterprise deployment and standard use cases including: configuration, deployment
  • 40 consulting hours (onsite/remote)
  • 2 vILT training seats
  • Typical customer environment: 400-800 managed nodes


  • SaltStack Enterprise deployment and standard use cases including: configuration, deployment
  • 56 consulting hours (onsite/remote)
  • 3 vILT training seats
  • Typical customer environment: 800-1600 managed nodes


  • SaltStack Enterprise deployment and advanced use cases including: configuration, deployment, orchestration
  • 80 consulting hours (onsite/remote)
  • 4 vILT training seats
  • Typical customer environment: 1600+ managed nodes

SaltStack Workshop Packages

For more experienced SaltStack teams, workshop packages allow SaltStack consultants to review existing implementations and make best-practice recommendations to optimize the environment as well as identify and help address current issues.

Planning Workshop-40

  • Architecture assessment
  • Best-practice recommendations
  • On-site training session – 24 hours onsite training for up to 10 team members
  • 16 hrs on-site consulting
  • Recommended for teams in need of SaltStack planning and prioritization

Pilot Workshop-80

  • Architecture design
  • SaltStack Enterprise pilot
  • On-site training session – 24 hrs onsite training for up to 10 team members
  • 56 hrs onsite consulting
  • Recommended for teams that want to roll out a single, high-impact SaltStack use case

SaltStack Custom Consulting Offerings

You might have requirements that don’t fit the SaltStack Getting-Started or Workshop packages. Talk to us about a custom consulting engagement.

Here are a few of the benefits of custom consulting engagement:

  • Tailored assessment of your business goals
  • Projects designed to effectively meet your specific requirements
  • Deliverables will maximize time-to-value

Custom offerings can include any mix of the following SaltStack products and services:

  • Training
  • Pilot and implementation assistance
  • Custom-built SaltStack modules, formula, engines, reactors, etc.
  • Third-party integrations

You can say that again

SaltStack consulting services helped our organization, from the engineers to the management team, quickly realize the value of SaltStack automation and configuration for provisioning of new VMware virtual machines and for the ongoing management of our Oracle environment.

Automobile manufacturer

The SaltStack services team was extremely knowledgeable, creative, professional and easy to work with.

Satellite telecommunications company

The two weeks we spent with SaltStack consulting services were some of the most productive we have had yet as a team. We are very happy with what we accomplished together.

Global financial services company