SaltStack Brand Guidelines

SaltStack Logos (Zip File)

SaltStack Logo

Maintain space around the SaltStack logo as demonstrated below. The area of isolation gives the logo room to breathe and, in turn, allows the SaltStack identity to stand out. The minimum clear space around the logotype is equivalent to 1/2 of the height of the logotype.

SaltStack colors

SaltStack Green: #00EACE #008071 #5CF1DF #B9F9F1 SEA SALT (WEB)
SaltStack Yellow: #FFE315 #E8CF14 #FFF294 #FFF9D4 LEMON
SaltStack Red: #FB6046 #B74633 #FB7C67 #FCA89A HIMALYAN
SaltStack Sea Salt SEA SALT (WEB)
SaltStack Lemon LEMON
SaltStack Himalyan HIMALYAN

SaltStack Typography

Roboto is our corporate typeface, it should be used in all instances where typography is required.

Roboto Black
Roboto Regular
Roboto Light

Writing ‘SaltStack’

SaltStackĀ® is a registered trademark of SaltStack, Inc. and is used to describe the company and its software products.

  • SaltStack is always capitalized and uses a camel case “S”.
  • There is never a space between “Salt” and “Stack.”
  • “Salt” standalone can be used to refer to the Salt open source software project or community.