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Get access to the Salt open source software repository which includes the engine behind the most powerful and intelligent IT automation platform in the world.

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SaltStack Enterprise is a command and control center built to help enterprise IT teams collaborate more effectively and get the work of IT done more efficiently. Get SaltStack Enterprise to amplify the ability of your entire team and to intelligently automate the management and security of your digital business infrastructure at scale. Get SaltStack SecOps to automate continuous compliance and vulnerability remediation.

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Salt Documentation

From getting-started tutorials for newbies to more advanced SaltStack concepts for pros, checking out our docs is a great way to learn to automate IT with SaltStack.

Tutorials Docs

SaltStack on Slack and IRC

You’re just a chat away from answers and inspiration. Join any number of active channels in the SaltStack community Slack workspace, and we’re still going strong on IRC.

Slack IRC

Salt on GitHub

Contribute to Salt, one of the largest, friendliest, and most-active open source communities in the world.


SaltStack Meetups

Find your tribe. Join an existing SaltStack meetup to connect and learn with other SaltStack customers, partners, and contributors near you. Include SaltStack as an organizer of any newly formed chapter, and we’ll pay the monthly dues.

And if you missed SaltConf18, the biggest of all SaltStack meetups, we have you covered. Go to the SaltConf18 speakers page to get access to video recordings of 50+ keynote and breakout session presentations.

Global SaltStack Meetups SaltConf18 Video

SaltStack on YouTube

Visual learner? We have hours and hours of binge-watchable video on the SaltStack YouTube channel including dozens of SaltStack use cases, talks, and demonstrations.

SaltStack YouTube Channel

SaltStack by Email

The “salt-users” mailing list is hosted by Google groups. Anyone can post to it and ask questions about SaltStack. The community will answer.

Salt-Users Email List

SaltStack on Paper

Keep it old school by curling up with a Salty book. Though we don’t officially endorse the following titles, we do think they’re pretty great:

Network Automation at Scale

Getting Started with SaltStack

Learning SaltStack

Mastering SaltStack – 2nd Edition

Salt Cookbook

Salt Essentials

SaltStack for DevOps

Extending SaltStack