Salt Community Documentation Jam

Salt Community Documentation Jam

October 7, 8:00am-5:00pm MT/2:00pm-11:00pm UTC

The Salt Community wants better documentation and is dedicating a day exclusively to improving our docs! Join us for a Docs Jam on October 7. 

We’ll kick off with a keynote by Google’s Developer Relations Program Manager and founder, Erin McKean. Erin will talk about why documentation matters to open source communities and how to improve it. 

After the keynote, join a breakout room that focuses on one of the jam’s three pathways. 

  1. Module case studies – We get frequent requests from our community for more examples of how to use certain modules in various contexts. We’ve identified some modules that are widely used within our community and that we’d like examples of how you might use this module in your environment.
  2. Issue creation – We can’t fix documentation problems unless we know what those problems are. If you know of some documentation problems that need to be addressed, we’d love your help in opening some documentation issues that you’d love to see fixed. We’ll provide guidance about how to best write issues.
  3. Issue triage – If desired, you can help us tackle our issue backlog and work on fixing documentation issues.

This event is open to community members of all experience levels. Contributing to documentation is one of the best ways to get started as a contributor or make your favorite aspects of Salt better. Members of the SaltStack Documentation and Open Core teams will be available to help you throughout the day. We’ll host the event on Zoom and Twitch. Can’t make it for the full day? Stop by for an hour or two and pitch in. 

At the end of the day, we’ll celebrate what we’ve accomplished. As a thank you for participating, contributors will receive a Salt swag package!