SaltStack Enterprise for CloudOps

SaltStack orchestration and automation for CloudOps

Cloud is eating the world and data center operators, CIOs, CTOs and cloud architects are responsible for leveraging and controlling this dynamic, new infrastructure to support modern business. With contemporary enterprise infrastructure spanning public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, IT operations needs fast and flexible orchestration and automation software to address scale and complexity. Legacy systems management tools, and rebranded cloud management platforms, were not built for the scale, fluidity and complexity of cloud environments.

Predictive, demand-based cloud bursting based on utility and price, porting applications to a right-sized cloud, configuring complex workloads across clouds, and provisioning and controlling business access to cloud resources all sounds nice to have, but can be difficult to deliver. Cloud can deliver substantial benefit and competitive advantage but it be leveraged and managed appropriately.

Cloud infrastructure needs automation that is fast, scalable, flexible and efficient. SaltStack Enterprise manages any public or private cloud and abstracts any infrastructure from any application, code, virtualization or container, making efficient cloud deployment and orchestration an attainable reality. SaltStack is unique in delivering predictive, event-driven cloud orchestration, with native configuration management, to combine and deliver the best CloudOps, ITOps and DevOps automation functions for IT.

SaltStack orchestration platform