SaltStack Enterprise for DevOps

SaltStack management for DevOps

DevOps organizations specialize in continual, rapid change, and the best teams apply method to the madness with an appropriate amount of automation. But you can’t automate what you don’t understand, and the complexity and scale of infrastructure and the code that runs on it is becoming more and more difficult for any DevOps pro to control. Speed to market is paramount, never more so than now with software eating the world and business as code becoming a reality for even traditional brick and mortar shops.

Most DevOps organizations view infrastructure as a means to an end, the end being the quick and successful dev, test and deploy of applications and code to general-purpose hardware. With the infrastructure an afterthought to the service or application, a single public cloud is often used and doesn’t require much attention from development or operations functions.

On the other hand, Web-scale organizations, and enterprise IT with DevOps leanings, also want to push code quickly. But infrastructure at scale is extremely complex and requires significant oversight. At scale, a pure DevOps approach isn’t easy to achieve and it helps to have automation built for the speed, scale and orchestration of the DevOps toolchain.

SaltStack Enterprise software helps DevOps organizations by orchestrating the efficient movement of code into production and by keeping complex infrastructures fine-tuned for optimal business service and application delivery. DevOps isn’t a tool, but it does require a tool-centric approach to realize value in continuous delivery. SaltStack orchestrates the DevOps value chain and helps to deploy and configure dynamic applications, and the general-purpose infrastructure they run on, faster and easier than ever.

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