SaltStack Enterprise for ITOps

SaltStack automation for ITOps

IT operators are stretched thin with the increasing scale, diversity and complexity of infrastructure typical to the modern enterprise. Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are the norm, shadow IT is pervasive, applications and code are everywhere, security threats are rampant and the management tools built decades ago are not fit for the job at hand. Legacy systems and configuration management software tools are simply not designed to orchestrate and automate management of today’s infrastructure and cloud.

New IT is difficult at best to manage without extremely fast, flexible and scalable automation. Modern systems management software requires super-human ability to create resilient, intelligent infrastructure and applications. Without self-aware, autonomous software, the tasks that increasingly burden IT operations exponentially escalate as data centers expand globally and grow from ten to tens of thousands of servers.

While SaltStack gained much of its popularity as a tool for orchestrating DevOps and configuration management, it was originally built for fast and scalable command and control of infrastructure operations. SaltStack scalable automation and flexible orchestration, combined with native configuration management provides significant advantage over alternatives for the efficient management of enterprise applications and IT resources that often run on multiple clouds and on in-house infrastructure.

Fast and flexible automation is key for handling the scale and complexity of modern infrastructure and a dynamic cloud environment. SaltStack Enterprise delivers competitive advantage for IT operators through a single orchestration platform for the deployment, configuration, monitoring, vulnerability diagnosis and remediation, and ongoing management of enterprise IT.

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