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Power for modern IT operations

SaltStack Enterprise is built on a cutting-edge automation and orchestration platform that allows IT professionals to manage and secure modern infrastructure to deliver business value at scale.

SaltStack Enterprise

With SaltStack Enterprise, you can...

Orchestrate and automate smarter

Use event-driven automation to transform complex systems into a central IT nervous system that senses, learns, and reacts to important events anywhere in your environment.

Manage everything with a single platform

Manage and automate your entire hybrid-cloud environment, whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud, across the network, or all of the above. SaltStack’s flexible architecture supports all major operating systems. New cloud instances and virtual machines are automatically integrated into SaltStack for full configuration and ongoing management.

Amplify the impact of your IT team

Valuable engineering resources are too often spent putting out fires. Give your entire team the ability to automate routine tasks so that your engineers can do what they do best—solve complex problems and deliver real business value.

Drive digital change at scale

Execute any complex task across tens of thousands of systems with the click of a button. Using SaltStack automation, IT tasks that used to require three of your best engineers and a week of time, now take any IT operations pro only seconds to complete.

Increase IT efficiency

IT teams can use SaltStack’s intuitive user interface to perform complex functions like configuration management and orchestration. And, because jobs in SaltStack can be built, stored, and scheduled, IT teams spend less time and fewer resources executing routine functions.

See the big (IT) picture

With SaltStack, your system data is persistent, encrypted, archivable and can be explored analyzed with relevant, out-of-the-box dashboards. Follow trends and changes across your infrastructure or drill into specific jobs to get a complete and accurate picture of your environment at any given moment.

What’s Under The Hood

Automation Engine

Core technology to autonomously manage and orchestrate systems.

Event Driven Automation
  • OrchestrationOrchestration
  • Remote ExecutionRemote Execution
  • Configuration ManagementConfiguration Management


Enterprise API power to deliver scale, security, and automation to the enterprise.

Operation Frameworks
  • Horizontal ScalingHorizontal Scaling
  • Persistant Data StoragePersistant Data Storage
  • Third-Party IntegrationsThird-Party Integrations


Dynamic interface to manage system resources, reporting, and 3rd-party integrations.

Enterprise Console
  • Charts and ReportsCharts and Reports
  • Activity CenterActivity Center
  • Role-based Access ControlsRole-based Access Controls


Pre-built solutions that run on SaltStack’s platform to solve specific business challenges.

Pluggable Solutions
  • IT OpsIT Ops
  • SECOpsSECOps

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Dedicated, prioritized access to the SaltStack brain trust for SaltStack Enterprise customers. SaltStack support is offered through a SaltStack Enterprise subscription license and is available in several tiers built for your team's needs. Let's optimize your SaltStack implementation together.

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"SaltStack support provided the Sterling Talent Solutions IT operations team with an incredible level of guidance to address the issues we were having with our Salt implementation."

- Tyler Jones, Sterling Talent Solutions platform automation and Linux engineer

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