Security and Compliance

Continuous compliance and vulnerability remediation

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Protecting critical systems

Digital business infrastructure is bigger, faster, and more complex than ever before. Security and IT operations teams must work together to protect business-critical systems, but it’s easier said than done.

Human error led to a 424% increase in misconfigured cloud servers. -IBM X-Force, 2018

SaltStack Solutions

Harmony between security and IT

SaltStack SecOps delivers full-service, closed-loop automation for compliance and security. Finally, security and operations teams can work together to define compliance policy, scan all systems against it, detect issues, and actively remediate them—all from a single platform.

An actionable library of compliance profiles

SaltStack SecOps includes access to a live and growing repository of standard compliance profiles. Each profile includes hundreds of up-to-date issue scans, descriptions, and automated remediation actions. Available profiles include: Center for Internet Security (CIS), Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), and more.

Real, automated remediation

SaltStack SecOps can automatically remediate policy violations detected anywhere in your systems. It can also create jobs for review and approval before changes are executed. SaltStack SecOps integrates with third-party systems like ServiceNow for change tracking and reporting.

Build policies fit for your business

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all corporate security policy. SaltStack SecOps offers complete policy customization. Create custom checks, turn off irrelevant pre-built checks, or create exemptions and rules for specific machines as needed.

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Dedicated, prioritized access to the SaltStack brain trust is available exclusively to SaltStack Enterprise customers. Several SaltStack support tiers are offered through a SaltStack Enterprise subscription license. Let’s optimize your SaltStack implementation together.

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