Configuration Management

Configuration Management Automation at Scale

“SaltStack is leading the charge in the event-driven automation world. I don’t see many other configuration management tools focusing on how to respond to an event when it occurs. SaltStack is focusing on that problem, which is critical. Once you start scaling things up [responding to events] is all that matters.”

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Stop Chasing Fires and Start Driving Digital Business

Digital business infrastructure is bigger, faster, and more complex than ever before. No matter what your business is running on—public cloud, private cloud, on prem, containers, or all of the above—you need to keep it optimized and secure or business grinds to a halt. Operations teams worldwide use SaltStack automation to define and enforce configuration management across their entire environment.

Stop configuration drift before it starts

Keep critical systems properly configured to increase reliability and optimize resource utilization. SaltStack is the only platform with native event-driven IT automation that can immediately detect events triggered by system configuration drift, multiple integrations, or pre-defined infrastructure policies and enforce desired state.

The SaltStack event-driven engine can also manage complex orchestration such as multi-step system patching and restarts, cross-application workflows or even business processes such as updating an ITSM, CMDB or other system of record.

Control all your systems in one place

SaltStack is built on a powerful event-driven automation engine that provides IT, devops and SRE professionals with a simple, declarative management framework for their entire global infrastructure.

Whether you’re in the middle of a cloud migration, strictly on prem, or fully deployed on containers, SaltStack abstracts control of the underlying infrastructure so you can build a desired configuration once and enforce it across your entire data center.

Simple, human-readable IaC

SaltStack is python based and uses simple, human-readable YAML. No need to learn a DSL or mess with cumbersome Ruby code. One customer recently noted that switching from a Ruby-based tool to SaltStack reduced the amount of code they were required to manage by 10x.

SaltStack State files can be easily managed in SaltStack Enterprise or in a code repository of choice and managed via CI/CD pipeline and as part of the DevOps toolchain.

Bring your favorite operating system

In addition to robust platform support, SaltStack integrates with and manages all major—and most minor—operating systems. Whether you’re configuring Ubuntu workstations, Windows Servers or SLES cloud instances, SaltStack can actively control and optimize your operating systems.

And SaltStack goes beyond basic configuration management with a powerful native remote execution engine and intelligent event-driven automation system that can detect issues and automate remediation.

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