Continuous Compliance

Continuous global cyber security compliance enforcement

“We’ve seen a 75% reduction in the work simply needed to coordinate priorities between our security and IT operations teams. SaltStack SecOps is the catalyst to help IBM Cloud achieve the goal of continuous compliance while optimizing collaboration and output between our global security, IT, and governance teams.”

Stephen Dumesnil | IBM Cloud Network Engineering Governance Manager READ THE CASE STUDY

Maintaining IT compliance is only getting harder

Compliance is constantly evolving and IT systems are getting larger and more complex. As a result, SecOps teams are forced to juggle between chasing compliance at the expense of innovation or maintaining bare-minimum security standards that leave them exposed to attacks and regulatory fines. SaltStack can help.

IT systems that start compliant and stay 
that way

The first step to a compliant IT environment is ensuring that every new system meets security standards. SaltStack allows IT and security teams to apply a simple “security policy as code” approach to the creation and deployment of every new system, ensuring proper compliance on day 0 and beyond.

Find it. Fix it. Fast

Chasing compliance drift on existing systems can feel like a recurring nightmare. SaltStack actively scans for compliance drift and provides automated remediation steps to enforce defined security policies—saving resources, improving security posture, and reducing risk.

Built on CIS-certified best practices

Most organizations must comply with multiple regulations and standards, each made up of thousands of individual requirements and checks. SaltStack provides CIS-certified, framework-mapped security content, allowing teams to enforce requirements for multiple standards with a singe action.

Flexible control for hybrid systems

SaltStack offers flexible agent, agentless, and API-based options to ensure compliance on every type of IT asset—on-prem servers, VMs, public and private cloud, containers, even network and IoT devices—from a single platform.

Closed-loop compliance for all

Security and operations need solutions that enable collaboration and communication. SaltStack provides role-based access and specialized dashboards that allow security and IT to define compliance and security policies, scan systems against them, remediate issues, and track trends—all while ensuring proper governance and control.