Network Automation

Intelligent automation for your software-defined network.

Watch How IBM Cloud Uses SaltStack for Network Automation at Scale

The network, evolved

Digital business demands speed, scale, and connectivity that yesterday’s network architecture simply can’t deliver. The challenge is that most enterprise networks are made up of a broad mix of hardware, software, and virtualized components. The solution? A software-defined network managed and secured by SaltStack intelligent automation.

Use Cases

Global network management

Most networks are built on an intricate mix of device types, versions, and languages that can create a management nightmare for network operations teams. SaltStack automates and abstracts command and control of each unique network device type and component. The result is a central nervous system that allows network operations teams to update and secure networks quickly and at massive scale.

Programmatic network configuration

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t a viable network maintenance strategy. SaltStack event-driven automation applies a layer of self-healing configuration to every device on your network—allowing you to keep systems proactively secure and maintained without the downtime or risks that accompany manual, reactive updates.

Active security compliance enforcement

More often than not, “manual network compliance” is synonymous with, “non-compliant.” SaltStack scans your network routers and switches and automatically takes action to remediate anomalies to keep your network in a continually compliant state. Automated actions can include updating firmware versions across network device types or closing an open port on a switch.

Fast, accurate network audits

Historically, network teams have had limited access to real-time information about the configuration of their network. SaltStack allows network personnel to gather configuration data from their network, assess potential vulnerabilities, and execute commands such as firmware updates and software-defined network policies—all from a single automation platform.

The IBM Cloud case study

Using SaltStack to automate network management and security at scale

Brian Armstrong, IBM Cloud network engineering executive, said, “SaltStack network automation is crucial for the IBM Cloud network. It is helping us eliminate human error, scale our deployments, manage configuration, and ensure security and regulatory compliance. There is no way for us to operate at this scale without automation. SaltStack is the answer for us.”

Watch How SaltStack and Cisco Help IBM Cloud Automate Network Control
“We optimize IT infrastructure uptime and simplify operations through intent-based network fabric automation. SaltStack event-driven automation with Cisco NX-OS provides customers an option to manage large-scale Nexus fabrics in a programmatic way, from defining configurations to monitoring and remediating issues.”