Network Automation

Control and security for enterprise networks.

“SaltStack gives us the ability to centrally manage all of our devices and programmatically configure them. Now we can get out of the business of having network engineers log in to devices individually to make changes and possibly make mistakes that are damaging to our customer experience.”

Greg Fraize, Principal Network Security Engineer, Liberty Mutual READ THE CASE STUDY

The network, evolved

Digital business demands speed, scale, and connectivity that yesterday’s network architecture simply can’t deliver. The challenge is that most enterprise networks are made up of a broad mix of hardware, software, and virtualized components.

Central, abstracted network device control

SaltStack integrates with Cisco, Arista, Juniper and others to deliver a uniform, abstracted management experience from a single automation platform.

Flexible management options

SaltStack is the only automation platform to offer three unique methods of managing network devices. In addition to native lightweight minions for many current-generation network devices, network operations teams can choose to manage devices via SSH or a unique proxy API service that provides the benefits of a SaltStack agent without requiring the installation of anything on box.

Event-driven automation and orchestration

SaltStack event-driven automation maintains a persistent, two-way connection with your entire network. SaltStack allows you to detect changes across your network and respond automatically—whether you need to orchestrate complex firmware updates on production gear, enforce compliance rules across your data center or detect and close a port opened by mistake.