Splunk Integration Overview

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Monitor your infrastructure with Splunk and respond to issues with SaltStack event-driven automation and orchestration.

The Liberty Mutual Insurance network security team uses SaltStack intelligent automation to create self-healing Juniper firewalls and orchestrate remediation of security events generated by Splunk.

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Automate action based on Splunk events

Real-time visibility meets full-scale automated action. The SaltStack add-on for Splunk allows users to setup automated actions based on specific Splunk events. Users can now save an alert in Splunk, and leverage the “Add Action” capability in Splunk to trigger the power of SaltStack automation across their systems.

Track SaltStack system performance in Splunk

The SaltStack Enterprise add-on pulls all the relevant metrics exposed by SaltStack Enterprise into Splunk at a predetermined interval (usually every 30 secs). Splunk users can track critical metrics such as system health, job performance, and many others and create alerts that trigger when SaltStack needs their attention.

Available on Splunkbase

Install the SaltStack Enterprise Add-on from Splunkbase and get up and running in just a few minutes. This powerful add on facilitates bidirectional communication between Splunk and SaltStack Enterprise, allowing users to analyze critical SaltStack system info in Splunk and create SaltStack jobs that can be kicked off automatically based on events in Splunk.

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