Intelligent. Automation. At scale.

Powerful automation and orchestration for the entire IT operations team. Get control and amplify IT.

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Automated continuous compliance for production infrastructure and collaborative security operations teams.

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An open source, command-line utility delivering configuration automation for DevOps and site reliability engineers. Download Salt.

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Who is SaltStack for?

IT teams of all shapes and sizes use SaltStack intelligent automation and orchestration to optimize, control, and secure complex digital infrastructures.

IT Operations

Modern IT is complex and fluid. IT operations teams use SaltStack event-driven automation and orchestration to control complexity and create resilient, optimized data center infrastructure that empowers digital business at scale.

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Security Operations

Security and IT teams use SaltStack SecOps to automate vulnerability management and continuous compliance by orchestrating security policy scanning, detecting and prioritizing issues, and automating issue resolution at scale.

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Network Operations

Digital business demands unprecedented speed and always-on connectivity. Network operations teams use SaltStack to optimize and secure software-defined networks through flexible, event-driven automation.

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We’re here to help.

Dedicated, prioritized access to the SaltStack brain trust is available exclusively to SaltStack Enterprise customers. Several SaltStack support tiers are offered through a SaltStack Enterprise subscription license. Let’s optimize your SaltStack implementation together.

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