Automate vulnerability remediation

“The new Tenable.io integration with SaltStack Protect drives notable efficiency into our patch management and vulnerability remediation workflows. The elimination of spreadsheets and PDFs alone from our vulnerability management communications is such a big win for our security operations team. SaltStack Protect is unique in its ability to automate infrastructure security.”

Robert Dale, MAN Energy Solutions IT architect Learn more

Deliver closed-loop vulnerability remediation with SaltStack and Tenable

SaltStack integrates infrastructure automation and configuration management with Tenable.io vulnerability management for closed-loop vulnerability remediation. Security operations teams can now import Tenable.io vulnerability assessment scan results to SaltStack Protect to intelligently automate the work of SecOps and truly secure IT.

“SaltStack Protect integrated with Tenable.io substantially simplifies our ability to remediate infrastructure vulnerability at scale. The more we can break down tool and process-imposed silos that exist between our security and operations teams the more confident we become in our ability to truly secure IT. We’re looking forward to more SecOps innovation from the SaltStack team.”

Andrew Johnson, Payroc information security manager Learn more

Watch SaltStack automate action on Tenable vulnerability scans

The integration between SaltStack Protect and Tenable helps speed security enforcement, reduces threats caused by imperfect infrastructure cyber hygiene, and allows security operations teams to effectively collaborate within a best-in-breed vulnerability remediation platform.

Tenable can detect and prioritize thousands of security threats across digital business infrastructure, but IT operations teams still struggle to actually fix vulnerable systems. As a result, known vulnerabilities can remain exploitable for weeks, months or even years. It is time to change the status quo. Add the power of SaltStack automation for security operations to Tenable vulnerability scanning to truly secure IT.

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Scan for vulnerabilities with SaltStack Protect, or with your favorite scanner

In addition to natively scanning for thousands of CVEs, SaltStack Protect can also import vulnerability assessments from Tenable, Rapid7*, Qualys*, and Kenna Security*. Now the security team can scan for and prioritize vulnerabilities with existing tools and easily pass to SaltStack for fast, automated remediation. (*coming soon)

Find and fix vulnerabilities, faster

SaltStack bridges the gap between security and IT workflows by providing an integrated, collaborative solution for SecOps teams that can ingest scans and remediate critical vulnerabilities across infrastructure scale with powerful IT automation. SaltStack uses a fast, intelligent remote execution engine to perform critical updates in seconds, whether you need to fix ten systems or 10,000. Integration with Tenable vulnerability scanning is here today, with support for Qualys, Rapid7, and Kenna Security coming soon.

One platform to manage and secure it all

SaltStack automation provides a single point of control for hybrid cloud by abstracting the management of each unique infrastructure component and replaces it with the integrated SaltStack event-driven automation platform. The result is a central nervous system for IT that can deliver the full benefits of secure, hybrid cloud at scale, without the cost and the headache of siloed control.

Infrastructure compliance and vulnerability remediation for hybrid cloud

SaltStack SecOps products allow IT and security teams to enforce continuous compliance and automate vulnerability remediation for resources running in any hybrid cloud infrastructure. And once your systems are compliant, SaltStack event-driven automation will make sure they stay secure.

Award winning SaltStack Protect

CSO Online selects SaltStack Protect to the RSA Conference 2020 Hottest Products list for the second year in a row.

Award winning SaltStack Protect

SaltStack Protect 6.2 is selected to the CRN list of Hot Risk, Operations And Threat Intelligence Platforms to launch at RSA Conference 2020.