VMware + SaltStack Solution Overview

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Event-driven provisioning, configuration and ongoing control for VMware infrastructure

“Before SaltStack it took us 32 days to provision a VM. Now, with SaltStack event-driven automation, we’ve got that down to under five minutes. In addition, we’ve built a self-service solution where developers can request a VM via API and SaltStack spins it up automatically.

Now we can interact with different providers through one interface and provide compute resources to our end users without us having to be in the middle.”

Jacob Weinstock | NetApp DevOps Engineer Watch the Webinar

Consistent and continuous automation across the entire data center

SaltStack is built on a powerful event-driven automation engine that provides VMware customers with a simple, declarative management framework for their entire hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Whether you’re in the middle of a cloud migration, strictly on prem, or fully deployed on containers, SaltStack abstracts control of the underlying infrastructure so you can build a desired configuration once and enforce it across your entire VMware environment.

Enforce continuous compliance on your VMs

Most organizations must comply with multiple regulations and standards across their infrastructure, each made up of thousands of individual requirements and checks. SaltStack provides CIS-certified, framework-mapped security content, allowing teams to enforce requirements for multiple standards across your VMware environment with a singe action.

Support for VMware Cloud on AWS and more

SaltStack can manage provisioning, configuration, security, remote execution and more—whether your VMs are in Amazon or any other cloud provider.

SaltStack integrates with vRealize Automation to help operations teams deliver fully automated and optimized infrastructure to the business.

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