Vulnerability Management

Find and fix vulnerabilities from a single platform

“SaltStack SecOps gives our security and site reliability teams the ability to efficiently tackle the difficult task of achieving continuous infrastructure compliance across 55 world-class data centers. SaltStack vulnerability scanning and automated remediation will help Cyxtera certification processes and ultimately deliver powerful, secure IT infrastructure to our demanding customers.”

Zach Hilliard | Cyxtera Sr. Director of SRE Request a demo

Knowing is only half the battle

According to Gartner, 99% of the vulnerabilities exploited in 2019 will continue to be known to security and IT professionals at the time of the incident. That’s because security tools are designed to find issues, not fix them. It’s time to stop triaging and mitigating and start securing your business with a vulnerability solution that acts.

Scan. Find. Fix. Repeat

Security scanners can report avalanches of vulnerabilities that operations teams must translate into IT tickets, investigate, prioritize, test, fix, and then report back to security. SaltStack brings the power of automation to SecOps by scanning IT systems for vulnerabilities and then providing out-of-the-box automation workflows that remediate them.

Leverage a live, aggregated CVE database

SaltStack actively ingests vendor CVE advisories, builds scans and remediation workflows to address them, and delivers them in a hosted database. SecOps teams can then use SaltStack automation to check installed package versions on all systems, identify vulnerabilities, and install patches to remediate them. SaltStack can also ingest scans from tools such as Nessus and Rapid7 and remediate found issues.

Accurate prioritization with system intelligence

Other security tools prioritize vulnerabilities without knowing the current state of the system, resulting in time and resources wasted on issues that aren’t actually at risk of exploit. SaltStack collects real-time data on the state of every asset and combines it with powerful machine learning and industry intelligence to more accurately assess and prioritize threats.

Fast, scalable security automation and orchestration

The time to exploit known vulnerabilities is decreasing rapidly. SaltStack is the most scalable and extensible automation platform available, allowing security operations teams to perform asynchronous, orchestrated patching on thousands of systems in about the same amount of time it takes to patch one. The result is real-time, automated security patching and remediation on-prem, in the cloud, and even across network and IoT devices.