Why SaltStack?

Learn why thousands of companies worldwide choose SaltStack to control and secure their critical business infrastructure.

Improved Efficiency

Automate redundant tasks and free up scarce human resources for high-value initiatives.

Increased Speed of Execution and Delivery

Enact change immediately at massive scale across your entire IT footprint.

Reduction in Cost

Rationalize tool costs, optimize IT infrastructure spend and align talent.

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What Makes SaltStack Different?

SaltStack is the only platform that offers event-driven automation, hyperscale performance and a complete security toolset.

Event-driven Automation and Orchestration

SaltStack runs on an event-driven automation and orchestration engine so it’s fast, responsive and intelligent. Build self-healing systems and turn ad-hoc work into repeatable automation that can be deployed across your entire enterprise infrastructure instantly.

Hyperscale Performance

SaltStack is the fastest and most scalable automation platform on the market. Whether you have 5,000 nodes or 500,000 nodes, SaltStack can enact change immediately through a unique, distributed work model and lightning-fast event bus architecture.

Complete Security Toolset

The SaltStack SecOps suite is the only toolset that allows IT and security teams to proactively find and remediate dangerous compliance issues and vulnerabilities with CIS-certified scans and automated remediations.

Why Customers Choose SaltStack Over the Alternatives

Comparing solutions against each other can be challenging.
 We like to let our customers do the talking.

SaltStack vs. Ansible

“One of the things that we’ve called out very specifically around Ansible was that it was slow. On speed and efficiency Ansible was neutral to low, where SaltStack was a thumbs up. SaltStack won us over on speed, scalability and overall performance.”

SaltStack vs. Ansible

“SaltStack was the best choice because of self-healing systems. For a lot of mess and the same purposes we could have Ansible. But the self-healing system, from my point of view, was the biggest difference between Ansible and SaltStack.”

SaltStack vs. BMC

“We were a BMC shop and we knew we needed something scalable, open source and pluggable with reliable cross-platform support for hybrid cloud. We evaluated SaltStack and it met all our needs. Plus [SaltStack] took about one tenth the amount of time to implement and was significantly cheaper than our BMC solution.”

SaltStack vs. Chef

“We evaluated several products including Chef and SaltStack. SaltStack was the best fit for us because it not only manages the state, but it also allows us to apply change across the board very quickly.”

SaltStack vs. Puppet

“SaltStack is faster than Puppet. It executes and gets information back a lot faster. It’s pretty easy to use, pretty easy to implement, it’s just kind of natural.”

SaltStack vs. Puppet

“We were using Puppet and for many reasons it did not do what we wanted it to do. SaltStack was a better choice. The most important thing for us is the ease of writing automation code with SaltStack over Puppet. In SaltStack everything is in Python. Puppet uses a very complicated language that they invented.”

Peer Reviews

SaltStack products average a 4.7/5 rating

SaltStack amplifies a systems admin’s capabilities by tenfold.

- Software Engineer

SaltStack has a passion and expertise that can be trusted in the enterprise.

- Sys Admin

Time saved since SaltStack is absolutely unbelievable.

- Site Reliability

Easily extensible, yet very powerful out of the box.

- Tech Lead
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The best orchestration, configuration management, do-everything platform—period.

- DevOps

SaltStack is a game changer.

- Deputy CIO

Start saving your company time and money in a serious way.

- Hospital Admin

Visionary tech company with great products and people.

- IT Consultant
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